I am about to steal a sweater from a 15 year old girl.
Chicago IRL!
I should really get a full length mirror so I can take more granny-selfies
beauty night
im scared to move!
look at the lighting in this place! look at how the couch looks like it’s in the kitchen! look at my baby top knot!
it’s been a long time since i have posted a picture of myself. today i looked a lot like a boy and it was bothering me. it’s important that i remind myself that my gender is necessarily fluid, and that regularly reproducing a consistent gender is against my ethics. some days I am a boy and that’s fine. some days i’m not and that’s fine. note 2 self there is no such thing as queer enough just don’t 4get. 
the biggest flaw of photo booth will alwayz be that you cant see my shoes~
my favorite thing to do at work is to say “I love that we have the same hair!” to old ladies
i have an interview for a citizen outreach director position at an organization that works for HRC and Ireally, really, really,fucking need a better paying job plus it has a student loan assistance program that i’m in desperate need of but does it make me a hypocrite for kvetching about hrc’s shitty politics if i start working for them? isn’t it better than working for minimum wage job at a giant corporation?
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